Contract managment

To be serviced at LLC “BKP” container terminal, a freight-forwarding company has to provide to BKP Commercial Department the following set of documents:

  1. Contract 
  2. Addendum No. 1 (Tariffs) which is an integral part of the Contract.
  3. Addendum No. 2  (WEB-portal) which is an integral part of the Contract.
  4. Incorporation documents 
  5. Specimen signatures, seal imprints and stamp samples on official letterhead of the company.
  6. Letter of conclusion of the Contract  

(Please note that stamps without USREOU code of the company are not acceptable!)

NB! Kindly ask you to fill in all the sections in a company details form like that is done for LLL “BKP”. Otherwise, your contract will not be signed.