On Acceptance and Handling of Containers with SEED CAKE Group Cargo

Dear Customers!

According to Brooklyn-Kiev Port Administrative Directive No. 1/04-18 dated 06.04.2018, as of 01.05.2018 containerized cargo belonging to SEED CAKE group (presscake, oilseed meal, extraction cake) shall be allowed for acceptance to the Terminal as non-hazardous cargo, subject to providing by the cargo owner / freight forwarder  of the following:

a) Certificate of Quality for freight shipment of granulated sunflower extraction cake produced in accordance with the National Standards of Ukraine 4638:2006, specifying moisture, oil and dissolvent content;

b) Letter of Assurance from the cargo owner / freight forwarder stating that percentage of moisture in the freight shipment in question does not exceed 11%, oil content does not exceed 1.5%, and dissolvent content is insignificant.

One can review the Directive by the following link.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Commercial Department by +380 (48) 737 36 81 (ext. 527).


Best regards,

Management of LLC “Brooklyn-Kiev Port”