Acceptance and Handling Procedures for Tank Containers with Cargo Residues

Dear Customers!

According to Brooklyn-Kiev Port Administrative Directive No. 2/04-18 dated 06.04.2018, as of 16.04.2018 tank containers with cargo residues marked with hazard symbols shall be allowed for acceptance to the Terminal only as “dangerous cargo” and shall be tariffed in accordance with the approved rates.

Should a Certificate of tank container decontamination be supplied by the freight forwarder, the unmarked containers shall be accepted by the Terminal as “empty”, applying the tariffs applicable to empty containers.

The wording of the Directive can be reviewed by the following link.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Commercial Department by  +380 (48) 737 3681 (ext. 527).


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Management of LLC “Brooklyn-Kiev Port”