For the Attention of the Terminal’s Clients: Cooperation in 2018

Dear Customers!

Please be informed that due to certain amendments into the laws of Ukraine, LLC "Brooklyn-Kiev Port" on 01.01.2018 switched to an electronic document management for issuing and signing work completion statements (certificates of completion). Such statements generated from 01.01.18 onwards, will not be issued in paper form any more.

Generated (preliminary) statements and invoices will be electronically forwarded to counterparties to the e-mail address indicated in the contract. Within 10 business days of receiving a preliminary statement, any comments regarding correction and registration will be received via «1с: ЗВІТ» system («M.E.Doc»). Should there be no comments during the mentioned period, the statement will be automatically registered in «1с:ЗВІТ» system («M.E.Doc»). The received statement shall be signed with the electronic digital signature of the counterparty within 10 business days. Upon receiving the signed statement, LLC "Brooklyn-Kiev Port" Accounting Department prepares and registers tax invoices.  

You can change over to electronic document flow even now, by signing an additional agreement . Whatever the case, such agreement has to be mandatorily signed to enable the work with the Operator in 2018. Kindly note this requirement in order to avoid any problems with handling of counterparties’ containers at the Terminal.  

Also, to be serviced at the Terminal in 2018, the following documents have to be submitted to the Documentation Department:

The contract shall be prolonged tacitly, the tariffs remaining unchanged.

Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Commercial Department by +380 (48) 737 36 81 (ext. 527).